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At the bay's north end is Traganou beach with some caves. There's an eighteen hole golf course as well as tennis courts inland from the bay, the first being the only one in Greece outside of Corfu (Kerkyra) island.Kolymbia is a resort with plenty of big hotels, though there are good beaches south of the headland at Vagia Point, with a long line of eucalyptus trees leading to them (one of the nicer features of this place). From the beach there are nice views to the north to Cape Ladhiko The houses were built by the Italians during the 1920s for colonists., and are all the same. Meant to resemble farmhouses, they all have big outdoor ovens and big chimneys.

Tsambika BayTsambika (left) to the south, has a long sandy bay, and a little monastery up on the bluffs above, whose 11th century icon of the Virgin Mary is visited on 8 September by women petitioning the Virgin (rather ironically) for fertility. The monastery is built on a massive rock that was part of a larger mountain. If driving to it from the highway, the 1500-meter paved road ascends very steeply to the base of the rock, and from there one must climb 297 steps to the monastery, which is at 300meters. The views from up there of the coastline are spectacular. The bay is on the south side of the headland and though there is a paved road down to it, and a taverna, the area seems to have been protected from further tourist development, but there are plenty of people nevertheless. The south end of the beach is wilder, though full of hermit crabs.

Inland 5km are the Epta Piges (seven springs) which feed a pond/reservoir which in turn irrigates local farms. Here you'll find pine trees, peacocks, geese, duck, greenery and a taverna next to the water. A 186 meter aqueduct tunnel built by the Italians leads to the lake, but it must be waded through (with very cold water up to your ankles), but you have the choice of reaching the pond from dry places as well (including from the village of Archangelos).

Archangelos VillageArchangelos 29 km from Rhodes town, is the largest village on Rhodes (4000 approximately) with a crumbling castle of the Knights and two churches: the Archangelos Gabriel and the Archangelos Michael, both of them very among the most beautiful on the island. NearbyAghios Theodhorou has 14th century frescoes. Everything is painted blue and white in this village (a definite sign of patriotism on the part of the villagers). The place is known for its ceramics and agriculture (mostly citrus). There is a local dialect, a strong musical tradition, carpet-makers (of flat-woven carpets, though not terribly impressive), and leather boot-craft, the boots meant to keep snakes from the wearers' feet in the fields. Visitors can have them made to order, but they are pricey. Both boots in a pair fit either foot. This town has become the darling of German package tourism, and the beach below it at Stegna, has also been swallowed up by same.

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