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Harry's Greece Travel Tips: Luggage Suggestions Page 3


hidden pocket for pickpocket relief greeceForget those neck document pouches unless you keep it under your shirt the whole time. They can be pulled off your neck. Plus they get in the way.The only item of this type I would have bought cost $40 and had a pouch for everything. The best thing I've seen is a pouch with a loop on it that you slide your belt through and then wear inside your pants. I'd keep my bulk cash and travelers checks in there with enough for incidentals handier so you don't get arrested for indecency when you try to get to your money.


money belt for greeceI had a money-belt once but I couldn't fit much in it. I guess they were more popular in the old days when we still had $500 and $1000 bills.

Larger sporting goods stores usually have a good selection of all this stuff to choose from. Wal-Mart has a few too.


leg stash for greece travelersFailing that a search on line for wheeled luggage in google will work too. In fact I just saw this rather interesting item but don't know how convenient it would be, the 'leg stash' is what its called and may be more trouble than its worth.

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