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"Should government refrain from regulation (taxation), the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud can no longer be concealed." - John Maynard Keynes

To paraphrase "Never have so many, taken so much, for offering citizens so little, in this, our worst hour" 

We returned from our trip to Mykonos about a week ago and just wanted to write and thank you for your assistance with the booking, etc.

We were very
happy with the hotel and the location in general
and will surely return to Mykonos again.

Thank you again for your assistance.
Tasha Linden - Austria
anc grk coins

"Harry: your site rocks! thank you! – Gerry Lagos USA

"Thanks so much to Harry's Greece Travel Guide for helping to make this such a great trip!" - Bob and Deb Simeone USA

Dear All: You did a great job of selecting hotels and making our arrangements for this trip.

The hotels were all in great locations.

Overall we had a wonderful vacation in Greece – Lloyd & Bobbie Ferguson USA

I find your Greek web site amazing! I like getting hints from local people, these are more helpful than travel guides – Ilona Mersdorf DE

Το πρώτο καθήκον ενός επαναστατικού είναι να εκπαιδευτούν. - Τσε Γκεβάρα

"Εάν κυβέρνηση απέχουν από τον κανονισμό (φορολογία), η ευτέλεια του χρήματος γίνεται εμφανής και η απάτη δεν μπορεί πλέον να κρύβονται." John Maynard Keynes

«Δώσε μου τον έλεγχο των χρημάτων ενός έθνους και δεν με νοιάζει ποιος κάνει τους νόμους είναι" -
Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

"Ο φασισμός θα ήταν προτιμότερο να καλείται κορπορατισμού επειδή είναι μια συγχώνευση του κράτους και την εξουσία των εταιρειών». ... "Ο σοσιαλισμός είναι μια απάτη, μια κωμωδία, ένα φάντασμα, ένας εκβιασμός." Μπενίτο Μουσολίνι

Choitic coins gold and silver grosso and ducat

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Genocide of the Greek Nation Nov 2018 (The Duran)

The austerity imposed on the Greek people by the EU, the IMF, and the Greek government has resulted in the contraction of the Greek economy by 25%.

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts

The political and media coverup of the genocide of the Greek Nation began yesterday (August 20) with European Union and other political statements announcing that the Greek Crisis is over. What they mean is that Greece is over, dead, and done with. It has been exploited to the limit, and the carcas has been thrown to the dogs. 350,000 Greeks, mainly the young and professionals, have fled dead Greece.

The birth rate is far below the rate necessary to sustain the remaining population. The austerity imposed on the Greek people by the EU, the IMF, and the Greek government has resulted in the contraction of the Greek economy by 25%. The decline is the equivalent of America’s Great Depression, but in Greece the effects were worst. President Franklin D. Roosevelt softened the impact of massive unemployment with the Social Security Act other elements of a social safety net such as deposit insurance, and public works programs, whereas the Greek government following the orders from the IMF and EU worsened the impact of massive unemployment by stripping away the social safety net. Traditionally, when a sovereign country, whether by corruption, mismanagement, bad luck, or unexpected events, found itself unable to repay its debts, the country’s creditors wrote down the debts to the level that the indebted country could service.

With Greece there was a game change. The European Central Bank, led by Jean-Claude Trichet, and the International Monetary Fund ruled that Greece had to pay the full amount of interest and principal on its government bonds held by German, Dutch, French, and Italian banks.

How was this to be achieved? In two ways, both of which greatly worsened the crisis, leaving Greece today in a far worst position that it was in at the beginning of the crisis almost a decade ago. At the beginning of the “crisis,” which would have easily been resolved by writing down part of the debt, the Greek debt was 129% of Greek Gross Domestic Product. Today Greek debt is 180% of GDP.

Why? Greece was lent more money to pay interest to Greece’s creditors, so that they would not have to lose one cent. The additonal lending, called a “bailout” by the presstitute financial media, was not a bailout of Greece. It was a bailout of Greece’s creditors. The Obama regime encouraged this bailout, because the American banks, expecting a bailout, had sold credit default swaps on Greek debt. Without a bailout the US banks would have lost their bet and paid default insurance on Greek Bonds. Additionally, Greece was required to sell its public assets to foreigners and to decimate the Greek social safety net, reducing pensions, for example, to below subsistance incomes and so radically reducing medical care that people die before they can get treatment.

If memory serves, China bought the Greek seaports. Germay bought the airport. Various German and European entities bought the Greek municipal water companies. Real estate speculators bought protected Greek Islands for real estate development. This plunder of Greek public property did not go toward reducing the debt that Greek owed. It went, along with the new loans, to paying the interest.

The debt, larger than ever still stands. The economy is smaller than ever as is the Greek population that bears the debt. The declaration that the Greek crisis is over is merely a statement that there is nothing left to extract from the Greek people for the interest of the foreign banks. Greece is sinking fast. All of the income associated with sea ports, airport, municipal utilities, and the rest of public property that was forcibly privatized now belongs to foreigners who take the money out of the country, thus further driving down the Greek economy.

The Greeks have not only had their economic future stolen from them. They have also lost their sovereignty. Greece is not a sovereign nation. It is ruled by the EU and the IMF. In my 2013 book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism, in Part III, “The End of Sovereignty,” I described clearly how this was done. The Greek people were betrayed by the Tsipras government. They had the option of revolting and using violence to overthrow the government that sold them out to international bankers. Instead, the Greeks accepted their own destruction and did nothing. Essentially, the Greek population committed mass suicide.

The world financial crisis of 2008 is not over. It has been swept under the rug of massive money creation by the US, EU, UK, and Japanese central banks. The creation of money has far outpaced the growth of real output and has driven up values of financial assets beyond what can be supported by “conditions on the ground.” How this crisis plays out remains to be seen. It could result in the destruction of Western civilization. Will Dog eat dog? After Greece, will it be Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Australia, Canada, until none are left?

The entirety of the Western World lives in lies fomented by powerful economic interest groups to serve their interests. There is no independent media except online, and those elements are being demonized and denied access. Peoples who live in a world of controlled information have no idea of what is happening to them. Therefore, they cannot act in their interest

Changes Coming to Athens Airport Metro Route 31 Oct 2018

Passengers on Athens metro line 3 traveling to or from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport will have to switch trains en route as of Thursday. This change was announced by the Urban Rail Transport company (STASY) on Monday.

Until now, trains heading to and from Athens’ international airport traveled the full length of line 3, and passengers were not required to disembark along the route.

STASY announced that passengers headed towards the airport will now have to disembark at the Doukissis Plakentias station and wait there for metro trains which will travel to the airport every half hour (at :25 and :55 past the hour).

Conversely, passengers traveling from the airport will be able to board trains at the airport at :00 and :30 every hour, but will have to change trains at Doukissis Plakentias station in Athens in order to continue their journey.

Passengers wiho will continue their trip on line 3 will not have to change platforms in either direction of the route. However, those who intend to transfer to the Proastiakos suburban railway line will have to switch platforms for that train.

According to STASY, the reason for the change is to increase the frequency of trains along the Agia Marina-Plakentias section of line 3 during peak hours.

September 2018:

Greeks Lack Trust in Their Bankster owned Institutions!
Who Can Blame them?

A new survey has found low levels of social trust in institutions including Parliament, political parties and the news media in Greece.

The latest World Values Survey (WVS), which has polled citizens in nearly 100 countries since 1981, fond that only five institutions are trusted by more than 50 percent of Greeks: universities, the armed forces, the police, the Church and the judiciary.

In contrast, trust in Parliament, the media, the government and political parties was under 15 percent.

Greece’s participation in the seventh WVS was organized by the Dianeosis nonprofit think-tank in cooperation with the National Center for Social Research (EKKE).

The poll was conducted by Metron Analysis on a sample of 1,200 people between September and October 2017.

Low trust levels do not just affect institutions, however, as more than nine out of 10 respondents said they disagree with the statement that most people can be trusted, 61 percent said they trust their neighbors, and only one in five said they trust people of a different nationality or religion.

Authored by Daniel Lacalle via,

Aug 2018 Greece's Problems Are Far From Over

Greece has exited bailout territory and the European Union is making a strong case of the success of the program.

While Greece has obviously ended its bailout process, the real issues of the Greek economy remain largely intact.

The real drama is that none of the measures implemented have solved Greece’s real problems. No, it’s not the euro or the austerity plans. It’s not the cost or maturity of its debt. Greece pays less than 2.3% of GDP in interest expenses and has 16.5 years of average maturity in its bonds. In fact, Greece already enjoys much better debt terms than any sovereign re-structuring seen in recent history.

Greece´s problem is not one of solidarity either. Greece has received the equivalent of 214% of its GDP in aid from the Eurozone, ten times more, relative to the gross domestic product, than Germany after the Second World War.

Greece’s challenge is and has always been one of competitiveness and bureaucratic impediments to create businesses and jobs.

Greece ranks number 81 in the Global Competitiveness Index, compared to Spain (35), Portugal (36) or Italy (49). In fact, it has the levels of competitiveness of Algeria or Iran, not of an OECD country. On top of that, Greece has one of the worst fiscal systems, with a very high tax wedge that limits job creation with a combination of agressive taxation on SMEs and high bureaucracy.

Greece ranks among the worst countries of the OECD in ease of doing business (Doing Business, World Bank) at number 61, well below Spain, Italy or Portugal.

No, it’s not the euro. Greece’s average annual déficit in the decade before it entered the euro was already 6%, and in the period it still grew significantly below the average of the EU countries and peripheral Europe. Between 1976 and 2012 the number of civil servants multiplied by three while the private sector workforce grew just 25%. This, added to more than 70 loss-making public companies and a government spend to GDP figure that stands at 48%, and has averaged 49% since 2004, is the real Greek drama, and one that will not be solved easily.

One thing is sure, the Greek crisis will not finish by raising taxes to businesses, nor making small adjustments to a pension system that remains outdated and miles away from those of other European countries.

The inefficacy of subsequent Greek governments and Troika proposals is that they never tackle competitiveness and help job creation, they simply dig the hole deeper raising taxes and allowing wasteful spend to go on.

From a market perspective, the risk is undeniably contained, but not inexistent. Less than 21% of Greek debt is in the hands of private investors. Most of the country´s debt is in the IMF, ECB and EU countries’ hands.

The main risk for the Eurozone, which is already showing signals of slowdown, comes from a prolongued period of no-solutions. Greece still shows the highest non-performing loan figure relative to total loans of the eurozone. While deficits have been contained -mostly by raising taxes-, public debt has not fallen.

The tax wedge is one of the highest in the eurozone and the OECD, making Greece and uncompetitive country in terms of job creation and attraction of capital.

Aug 2018 Greece Number One in TAXATION in Eurozone

Greece has taken the lead among eurozone countries in the taxes-to-GDP ratio, rising from 13th place in 2008, before the country requested a bailout to stabilize its finances, to first place as of 2016.

A tax-to-GDP ratio of over 27 percent is unprecedented in the country, at least since the restoration of democracy in 1974.

At the same time, Greece set a record in terms of the speed with which the “taxation shock” was implemented, with the tax-to-GDP ratio jumping by 7 percentage points over eight years of bailouts.

Direct or indirect overtaxation has been the main driver for the reduction of the huge deficits Greece had to tackle at the beginning of the economic crisis. In 2008, taxes on production and imports accounted for 12.6 percent of GDP, while in 2017 the figure rose to 17.5 percent, according to data from the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT).

Taxes on income stood at 8.1 percent in 2008 and 10.2 percent in 2017. In social security contributions the ratio stood at 12.7 percent in 2008, reaching 14.6 percent in 2017.

The EU is so wonderful we had to pawn our country to join!
Greece has the dubious distinction of being ranked no. 11 among the most miserable countries in the world!
The only EU country in the top 15.


Designed by bankers for bankers the EU machine is like a marriage license. Do you really need it? Does it really reconcile the unreconcilable? As in the institution of matrimony itself,  a sound money relationship would make a difference. These debts are bogus as is the central bankster financial system. Its measures as applied to the Greek Laos are far too Draconian to be sustainable, and breed resentment in High Definition!

2016 Misery index Greece is a leader once again with spot the  11th most miserable country in the world

clcik to see Greece has the least trustOutrageous Thoughts

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."
~ Henry David Thoreau

"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs." Bible Timothy 6:10

"We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle" - Winston Churchill

"You may charge a foreigner interest, but you may not charge your brother interest, that the Lord your God may bless you in all that you undertake in the land that you are entering to take possession of it." - Bible Deuteronomy 23:20 Huh? Wait a second! Think about that...look around. Yikes!


More than 200,000 Greek Businessmen and Professionals ‘Closed Shop’ in 2015

About 200,000 Greek entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals suspended their business activities in 2015, says the Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOVE) annual report. According to the same study also, only 14.2% of people see that there are business opportunities in Greece. One of the reasons is that the cost of starting a business in Greece requires twice the initial capital (30,000 euros) than the European Union average (16,400 euros).

However, the main reason is the lack of profitability, as seven out of ten businessmen and professionals declare that the reason they stopped doing business because it was not profitable. According to the report, the percentage of the population aged 18-64 who were involved in business activities decreased 6.7% (about 450,000 people) in 2015, versus 7.8% (about 520,000 people) in 2014. At the same time, only 14.2% of Greeks believe that there are business opportunities in Greece, a significant drop from the 20% in 2014, one of the lowest percentages worldwide. However, Greeks show a high level of confidence in their business acumen, as 46.8% of the population (compared to 45.6% in 2014) believe they have good entrepreneurial skills. At the same time, the fear of failure in doing business is among the highest in the world (64.2%).

Source Greek Reporter

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Greece the Best Country for Travelers

2016 Readers’ Travel Award Condé Nast Traveler

The results are in and the online readers of Condé Nast Traveler UK Magazine (CN) have voted Greece the best country in the world in their 2016 Readers’ Travel Awards, which will be featured in CN’s October issue.

The honor of holding the number one country in the world for tourists is a great one and perhaps bitter-sweet for Greeks as it comes amidst several crises impacting the country.

The current financial crisis that has been gripping the country for the past several years not to mention the impact of the refugee crisis that has seen almost 60,000 migrants trapped in Greece, has not deterred all potential visitors from visiting the breathtaking beaches, enchanting islands, 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and ancient ruins that make Greece so memorable.

Even with lack of booking to some Greek islands hit hardest by the refugee crisis such as Chios, Lesvos and Samos, Greece is still projected to reach almost 30 million tourists in 2016, including arrivals by cruise ships which will contribute some 18 percent to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, according to official data.
Here is the list of CN’s top 10 countries for the online Readers’ Travel Awards:
1. Greece
2. Italy
3. USA
4. South Africa
5. France
6. Spain
7. India
8. Australia
9. Thailand
10. Mexico
Here are the top 10 islands from CN’s online Readers’ Travel Awards:
1. Maldives
2. Greek Islands
3. Balearic Islands
4. Sicily
5. Seychelles
6. St. Lucia
7. Bali
8. Koh Samui
9. Malta
10. St. Barth’s
- See more at:

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Of More Interest

A career in Banking was not envisioned as Holy by the Great Religions all of whom condemn USURY.
Sinful usury seems to have become the West 's Guiding Credo. Clay feet & fiat money.

King Henry VIII of England 1545 made USURY "legal" @ 8%

Usury (/ˈjuːʒəri/[1][2]) is, as defined today, the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender. Originally, usury meant interest of any kind. A loan may be considered usurious because of excessive or abusive interest rates or other factors.

Henry VIIHistorically in Christian societies, and still in many Islamic societies today, charging any interest at all can be considered usury.[3][4][5] Someone who practices usury can be called a usurer, but a more common term in contemporary English is loan shark.

The term may be used in a moral sense—condemning, taking advantage of others' misfortunes—or in a legal sense where interest rates may be regulated by law.

Historically, some cultures (e.g., Christianity in much of Medieval Europe, and Islam in many parts of the world today) have regarded charging any interest for loans as sinful.

Some of the earliest known condemnations of usury come from the Vedic texts of India.[6] Similar condemnations are found in religious texts from Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (the term is riba in Arabic and ribbit in Hebrew).[7]

At times, many nations from ancient China to ancient Greece to ancient Rome have outlawed loans with any interest.

Though the Roman Empire eventually allowed loans with carefully restricted interest rates, the Christian church in medieval Europe banned the charging of interest at any rate (as well as charging a fee for the use of money, such as at a bureau de change).

Public speaker Charles Eisenstein has argued the pivotal change in the English-speaking world seems to have come with lawful rights to charge interest on lent money,[8] particularly the 1545 Act, "An Act Against Usurie" (37 H. viii 9) of King Henry VIII of England 1545 - Wikipedia

The City of London is the oldest hist ctrBank of England Founded 1649

The Bank's original home was in Walbrook, a street in the City of London, where during reconstruction in 1954 archaeologists found the remains of a Roman temple of Mithras (Mithras is – rather fittingly – said to have been worshipped as, amongst other things, the God of Contracts);[18] the Mithraeum ruins are perhaps the most famous of all 20th-century Roman discoveries in the City of London and can be viewed by the public. Wikipedia

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baby elephant & FowlNO wonder people, especially those newly arrived, find the West is not Dizneyland after all. With no direction home, many are drifting, wallowing and filled with a lack of purpose or fulfillment. Disenfranchised souls not taking their medication even if they could afford to pay for it. Looking for Love in all the wrong places! Idle hands are the devils workshop!


Who got us into this pension fund debacle anyway? Because that's what  this is really about. Greeks are forced by law to pool their pension fund withholding - this still goes on even today! The idea being the money will be invested and grow to meet the needs of the funds. This is not happening, maybe it never happened - think about it - pensions are being slashed - then why are we still doing it?

Dereliction of Duty. Paravasee Katheekondas. Huh? Wha? This accusation is the Greek Bureaucrats biggest fear! Can You believe that Greek lawyers have been on strike for  a year or more? Greece has a Legal system only in Theory! 30,000 plus cases backlogged!

Utopia OzAlso you'll hear the term 'Moral Hazard'. I thought I knew what Moral Hazard meant but looked it up and saw its one of those tricky lawyers terms.

It boils down to politicians not being responsible for the agreements they bind the citizens to with International banks.

In fact, Greece's Bank of Greece is wholly owned by the International Banking Cartel. Catch them if you can! Greece does not control its own money. Bad Juju. Essentially we are now squatters and can be evicted and only just realized it.

Millions of innocent Greek citizens are overwhelmingly indebted or taxed because there was no true leadership willing to say no to the games (Moral Hazard). They talk about NPL Non Performing Loans of individuals but not of the Previous Administration(s). They bandy about a 50% return of the fiat unit. Is it the addicts fault or the pushers? Tranche is a deadly designer drug.  Up North they wonder where inflation has gone? Its gone into Precious metal hordes of Government Central Banks and prudent savers. Raise the price of gold and people will start to cash in and stimulate demand & prices. Rinse, Lather, Repeat!

make america greece againBernies 3rd HomeIf the Greek people had a true understanding of the all dressed up, with no where to go but to the poor house, nature of the games would they have agreed?

Having known were they given an opportunity to say no? I don't think so.



GlobalismAt this point this is the difference it makes. Higher Taxes. Way Higher. If this is socialism give me a technical government, basic services and take your EU and shove it deep, deep, deep in to the annals of history.

They Greek people were kept woefully uninformed and cozened into in a deliberately fuzzy financial environment and there are people to blame.

With lack of oversight and no training ministry financiers blithely signed our souls away on the dotted line. That they mingled their blood with ours in the signature is highly doubtful. MORAL HAZARD



And also the deliberately kept in the dark population were clueless to the ensuing financial embarrassments caused by same USUROUS bank loans and we now find our selves OUTRAGEOUS new taxes.

Totally changing your mind set about Greece. Rendering previous research void and a waste of time. Then the fines for late payment are worse than those of the Sublime Porte.

Greece' Draconian economic regulation is causing itself an even sicker economy and engendering a mean of subsistent mediocrity.  If it cant support the poor now how will it in a future of less everything?

'The Elite Collective' Cuts off its Nose to Spite its Face! Its Ruined much of Greece Charm. I didn't move to Europe! I moved to Greece. Give it Back!!!!


Greece Better Off Outside Euro Zone, Nobel Prized Economist Says

It would be better for Greece to leave the euro zone, said Nobel Prize winner economist Paul Krugman while in Athens.

Paul KrugmanThe renowned economist, who is also a New York Times columnist, is one of the panelists in the Athens Democracy Forum, held in Greece’s capital.
Replying to a pertinent question by journalist Alexis Papachelas, Krugman said that the political commitment of the elites of European countries to maintain euro zone integrity is such “that nothing would persuade them to proceed to its dissolution”.
The American economist said that Alexis Tsipras showed that he is not willing to pull Greece out of the common currency bloc. Since he never took that risk, the Greek premier has no negotiating power against Greece’s creditors.
Krugman said that in order to achieve a good agreement within the euro zone, “Greece should have been prepared, in extremis, to leave, but it was not.”
- See more at:

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Greek universities slip in global rankings - Sept 2016

Greek universities have slipped in global rankings this year, according to Quacquarelli Symonds, which publishes an annual overview of higher education institutions around the world.

Six Greek universities are included in the list of the world’s 600 top universities but five of the six have fallen in rankings and the University of Crete has slipped off the chart.

The National Technical University of Athens remains the highest-ranking Greek university on the list of the 400 best institutions in the world. However, it has slipped 19 places to 395th place.

Also, it no longer features in the list of the 250 top research institutes in the world after falling eight places in this year’s rankings.

The University of Crete is no longer on the list of top research institutes at all, while Thessaloniki’s Aristotle also performed worse this year, dropping into the category 491-500 from that of 461-470.

According to Quacquarelli Symonds, the poorer performance of Greek universities in the area of research is due in significant part to their limited finances and inability to attract new researchers from abroad.

According to Ben Sowter, head of the QS Intelligence Unit which compiles university rankings, the low level of state spending on education, research and development in Greece – 1.24 percent of gross domestic product compared with a European Union average of 2.03 percent of GDP – is a key reason for Greek universities’ inability to attract foreign academics and conduct significant international research.

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Debts to the state soared in July

Expired debts to the state jumped by over 800 million euros in July to bring the total amount of money Greeks owe to tax authorities and social security funds to over 90 billion euros, i.e. over half of the country’s gross domestic product.

Data from the General Secretariat for Public Revenues showed on Monday that expired debts in July came to 811 million euros, more than twice what they were a year earlier, when they had stood at 388 million.

In the first seven months of the year new debts to the state were 21 percent higher than in January-July 2015, to reach up to 7.6 billion euros. This is seen as evidence of the fact that the tax-paying capacity of Greeks and of local enterprises is growing continually smaller.

In an effort to contain the expansion of expired debts, the secretariat proceeded in July to some 20,000 confiscations from debtors’ bank accounts. In total there are 4,128,962 state debtors, with compulsory collection measures imposed on 774,282 of them.

A further increase in debts is to be expected moreover, as by the end of the year Greeks will have to pay two income tax installments, four monthly tranches of the Single Property Tax (ENFIA), road tax, etc.


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Greek Social Sec Agency IKAI.K.A. BANKRUPT needs
help to pay pensions

The administration of the Social Security Foundation (IKA) is on Thursday expected to seek approval for additional funding from the Social Security Capital for the Solidarity of Generations (AKAGE) reserves to cover part of its constantly growing deficit.

Despite the positive course of its revenues, the deficit of the country’s biggest social security fund, which is likely to form the backbone of the planned National Social Security Entity (EFKA), is expected to reach 2.1 billion euros.

To cover that deficit and pay monthly pensions in time, IKA’s management only has limited options. These are halting payments to third parties for which it collects revenues, such as the EOPYY healthcare service organization, additional financing from the state budget, and recourse to AKAGE. It appears that IKA will use all three of those instruments to make sure that pensions are paid out without any problems in the last few months of the year.

Social security experts say that another available tool is further postponing the times when definitive decisions are issued on the pensions of the 140,000 retirees waiting up to three years to finally get their pensions.

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Kleptocracy Entitlements = Pension Fund Debacle

Today they tax the living and the dead's inheritors!
Lets start with  the 24% .VA.T. you will pay when you visit Hellas.
Value Added Tax of 24% on everything. Think about it! That's just the beginning.

polynomia too many laws and reg'sWitness Greece today and Illinois, Puerto Rico, Italy Spain, Portugal and Ukraine.
On the underdog's side Iceland and now Ireland have jailed bankers with success!

You have got to wonder how can a bank using digital money can go broke anyway? Its banks setting the rules for themselves isn't it? Banks make loans in digital money, under the fractional reserve system they supposedly have a fractional reserve of (a % percentage of)  each loan in digital money. Why? For security and probity?Tucked away for back up? In Greece we call this' hiding behind ones finger"!

Its pretend money. "At this point what difference does it make"? Only this: people are catching on.
The more you make or print, the less its worth. And a debt based system like this is only sustainable if its growing. Greece is shrinking.

We and the world need to go back to sound money or a variety cocktail of widely supported monies platforms and specie. We'll still have a use for banks and financial services. Maybe we'll have debt too but by making local loans and bringing jobs back to Greece.

yikesDebt on this huge, derivative, chained lightening scale is unsustainable.

Or Greeks can remain debt slaves and our children too. This is Economic Imperialism enslaving the populace and moral hazard in action. In Greece' case its asinine pedantry.

Proving beyond all shadow of a doubt, Brussels does not have the Greek peoples interest at heart.

Brussels is only concerned with its own self aggrandizement and perpetuation.

But while laughing and smiling and looking so fine they make a sorry mess at the end of each day don't they? And its getting worse!

Sign the petititon to end Greece' unfair taxation

queen!Moral hazard is the risk that a party to a transaction has not entered into the contract in good faith, has provided misleading information about its assets, liabilities.

Moral hazard arises when a contract or financial arrangement creates incentives for the parties involved to behave against the interest of others.

Definition: Moral hazard is a situation in which one party gets involved in a risky event knowing that it is protected against the risk and the other party will incur ...

Ορισμός: Ο ηθικός κίνδυνος είναι μια κατάσταση κατά την οποία ο ένας συμβαλλόμενος εμπλέκεται σε μια επικίνδυνη περίπτωση γνωρίζοντας ότι προστατεύεται από τον κίνδυνο και το άλλο μέρος θα επιβαρύνονται ...Politiki assylia

"Greece will bark but not bite." - O Soros

Now I realize, that here in Greece, and maybe where you live too, that this was, and is still happening all around me everyday! This is exactly what Greek Politicians do! Its years now since they made a law granting themselves immunity from prosecution.

dog chasing-biting  its tailGreece caught its own Tail? Now what?
Is there a point to any of this or is it all for show?

Greece's Politicians and their so called advisors enjoy jet set lifestyles and outrageous salaries! Lifestyles which they can only afford because they are YES MEN of Brussels.

Euro-parliamentarians make (not earn) 19, Greece's 300 parliamentarians, affectionately known as the "The 300" garner 9,000/mo and their numerous assistants north of 5G/eu/mo each. Pensioners on the other hand receive a pittance in comparison - we are talking 3 figures.
Pictured is 'Lakis' the pauvre chien Hellenique. The look on his face says it all don't it? R U Sure?

no one is laughing in greeceThe Brussels Banksters string Greece along like naive drug addicts waiting for their next designer stupificant drug called TRANCHE!

More pension cuts in Greece or governement collapse 2016

All this does is create needless anguish for the populace. It certainly not profitable. Who cares anyway? The money has lost its value. They digitally print it from thin air. But hound you to the ground with new taxes. I am ready for some helicopter money if you want to know the truth. Or just lower my utility bills!

If we weren't in the EU we couldn't have been conned into the loans for the Olympic Games. Our sovereignty was taken away thus making us eligible for the loans. Patriotic Initiatives is what Greece needs and selfless leadership!

Investment in Greece 60% Decline since 2010

eKathemerini Aug 3, 2016

Investment in the Greek economy plummeted more than 60 percent between 2007 and 2015, according to data published in Eurobank’s weekly bulletin on Tuesday.

According to the lender’s economists, fixed capital investment declined by 40 billion euros or 66.1 percent during the period in question. At the same time, Greece’s gross domestic product, or GDP, fell 56.7 billion euros. The Eurobank document described the drop in investment since 2007 as “deep and prolonged.”


The reduction in investment was mainly felt in the housing market (23.8 billion euros), followed by machinery and equipment (12.1 billion) and other types of construction (2.3 billion).

Eurobank said some of the key reasons for the dramatic slide in the amount of capital being invested in the Greek economy were the increases and frequent changes in taxation, the rising cost of capital, the reduction in lending by banks, the rise of uncertainty, an inability to create an investor-friendly environment despite some progress in this area, and expectations of weak economic activity.

The lender also notes that net fixed capital formation, which measures gross investment minus depreciation, has been in negative territory since the end of 2010. The most recent data show that the annual shortfall is close to 11 billion euros.

To underline how damaging the last few years, and the collapse in investment described earlier, have been for the Greek economy, Eurobank’s weekly report pointed out that unemployment in December 2007 was at 8.1 percent, meaning there were just 403,000 people out of work. By the end of 2015, the jobless rate had risen to 24.2 percent, with 1.1 million people without work. During this eight-year spell, 860,000 jobs disappeared.

Looking at the same period, bank deposits nose dived from 198 billion euros to 122 billion, a fall of 76 billion euros. Source

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We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle - Winston Churchill

Public Health Services Across Greece On the Verge of Shut-Down

Greek Reporter by Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi - Aug 11, 2016

Hospitals in Greece closeing due to lack fundingAccording to a report published on Tuesday by the Panhellenic Federation of Employees at Public Hospitals (POEDIN), Greece’s National Health Service (ESY) is on the verge of a complete break down with many hospitals threatened to close down. 

The report points to various short-comings in the current system, from a shortage of doctors who are overworked to defunct diagnostic tools.

“Hospitals, medical centers, EKAV (ambulance services) are in a state of dissolution,” POEDIN stated in the report. They then commented directly to where they place the blame saying that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Health Ministry officials will “soon have to answer for the destruction of ESY.”

They gave specific examples of the system’s failures such as the Geniko Kratiko Athinon Gennimatas Hospital, which is stretching its under-staffed departments to cover the 40 percent of vacant positions at the hospital.

Also, due to broken and malfunctioning diagnostic tools at the Geniko Kratiko Athinon Gennimatas Hospital, patients and doctors are forced to use private clinics or other hospitals to get CT scans and x-rays.
According to POEDIN major hospitals across the country are also being impacted by similar problems, such as Ippokrateio, Alexandra, Thriasio in Athens and Papageorgiou in Thessaloniki. Source

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Leaked Memo Shows Soros Pushed Greece To Support Ukraine Coup, Paint Russia As Enemy

by Alex Christoforou via

more lies for corporate benefit you wouldnt understandLast week we reported on the DC Leaks hack of what was over 2,500 documents detailing how George Soros and his NGOs influence world leaders, drive foreign policy, and help to create unrest in sovereign nations, that many times leads to chaos and civil war.

One country of particular focus for George Soros and his NGOs is Ukraine.

It is now accepted fact that Soros was deeply involved in the Maiden protests in 2014 and the violent coup, that saw a democratically elected government overthrown in the name of “EU values”.
What is even more troubling, as revealed by the DC Leaks hack, is how Soros and his network of “non-profit organisations” worked to lobby EU member states into not only buying his Ukraine “Maidan” narrative, but to also disavow any ties and support for Russia.

Read More

Hemp To Save the World

'We' Get 24% VAT & Austerity and 'they' get Outrageous Salaries and Benefit Packages.

white man speak with to forked toungueancient laptopWhile the Politicians are all pointing fingers at one another and busy playing Greece' national game "More Left Than You" payers taxes go up!

While they themselves, are exempt from capital controls!

"Everybody talking about justice, justice long as its "E.U." business first!"
- Mose Allison

In classical Greece and Perikles time those responsible would have drunk the conium or been ritually strangled. Their estates and slaves proscribed by the state. Or Ostracized!

(in ancient Greece) banish (an unpopular or overly powerful citizen) from a city for five or ten years by popular vote.
"Themistocles was indeed out of favour at Athens by the end of the 470s, when he was ostracized" Themistokleous died "in exile" as did so many of the famous ancients and sages.



hemp 3 crops a yearSeems to me, that long term, Greece cant act individually for the good of the country as long as the decisions are made in Brussels.

Greece needs to be pro-active instead of the last to know if food will be on the table or not!

The EU is whats stopping any real initiatives. Lots of smart educated Greeks going to waste and 3 out of 4 University graduates leave Greece TO FIND WORK ABROAD!

Not requiring huge outlays of borrowed money at usurious interest rates, industrial and medical hemp have so many taxable and useful applications. And are organic.

Hemp building materials are also carbon sequestering with little to no waste material.

Carbon sequestering means hemp absorbs carbon and is good for the environment. It will stop moisture too.

In my opinion there ought to be a ministry studying this.
But I am just an Amerikan-ak-yias and a Goddamn-ias. (see bottom of page)

hemp uses

Oil from the canavouri seeds is a super food. Today in Greece only the caged birds benefit... tomorrow the world!

ancient grecian mysteriesWith millions of olive trees Greece knows about high quality oil extraction. Greek Natural brands like Coco Mat and Korres are known world wide and hemp products can be used for both bedding and cosmetics.

Hemp doesn't need a huge loan to get started either and can be cottage industry in scope. Or as Henry Ford did: to make production line cars from Hemp fibers. Unbreakable with a sledge hammer.

Industrial Hemp Composite as 3D printing medium pellets

Industrial hemp plant fiber has a myriad of uses from aeronautic composites, yacht hulls and car bodies to fabric, paper and building material. Since its stronger than steel why not make shipping containers out of it? COSCO would like that! Conceptually I see hemp as far more accessible to an average Greek, than say, 3D printing. On the other hand lets think out of the bag and provide the 3D printing people the pellets! Lighter but stronger than steel!

Put out of business by Chinese labour, Greece still has textile plant and equipment laying fallow.

ford hemp carIf Greece acts today, for its own account, it will become a market leader and innovator and achieve the trend setting 60% market share. The current Greco-nomic 'brain freeze' needs to end.

Greece may not be able to compete with cheap Asian or African labour so Greece has to offer unique high quality products that don't go out of style!

Whatever products Greece ultimately makes,  large or more human in size, be it a machine: a ferry boat, a vehicular family sedan or a futuristic but very reliable motorbike, let these be maintenance free and designed to retain value and give long service. Let Greece take pride in its unique heritage of technology. Its a Greek word!

Hellenically people need jobs. Its because native businesses have been depopulated thru globalization, capitol controls and prohibitive taxes, made all he worse by Mr. Chips and his posse of radically left accountants.

Pundits talk about 'natural' and 'organic' but plastic is a problem. For instance, replacing plastic grocery sacks with biodegradable Hemp equivalents would be more efficient in conservation efforts at keeping the blue clean beach flags flying. 


The Brits have introduced a 5p charge for each plastic bag and introduced dorky looking weak "for life" bags

The overwhelmingly good news is that bag usage has slumped by around 80% and remains static. The UK’s largest retailer Tesco said in December that the number of bags had been slashed by 78% since the charge was introduced, while at Morrisons, plastic bag consumption was down 80% across its stores. Guardian

Additionally, Paper may be made from hemp. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. George Washington grew hemp.

Hemp shoes and bags better than Zaras or in conjunction with Zara! Greece has maintained its shoe manufacturing capacity to some extent. Luggage and day packs from hemp material maybe sold to tourists as well as umbrellas and beach chairs made in Greece.

These are small business perhaps but easily accessible and profoundly practical. The middle class arises from small business.

About the Greek Olympic Stadiums.

They'll need new chairs. Make them out of hemp. Make them here in Greece. If our initiative succeeds we will be hosting the Olympics every four years and likely will need the chairs and other assorted stadium goodies.

If Greece cant see the many opportunities inherent in industrial hemp then lets add medicinal marijuana.

Which include: medical tourism, pharmacology, distribution system, educational awareness, medical testing labs and work for all the Greek University brain drain talent leaving every year. Truth is, there are, who knows, how many uses, for Industrial hemp and medicinal CBD's.

Ieronymos Criticizes Greece’s Creditors

holy father critizes Greece' creditorsAthens Archbishop Ieronymos told the Pan-Thracian Committee that Greece is being “blackmailed by its creditors.” He described Greece as being water boarded. “They are drowning us, they are leading us to asphyxiation, until they achieve full surrender,” he said.

“Bailouts aren’t new phenomena. We have seen them before in the modern history of Greece.” He said that Europe of “solidarity” and collaboration in Christian spirit has turned to Europe of “exploitation and loan sharks of trade,” he said, adding that as long as Europe distances itself from its Christian spirit there will be no future. -
See more

The EU was designed by Bankers for Banksters & Politicians!

rank 350th for education world wideo alexis mas The so-called European Union, of which Greece a.k.a. Hellas is a member is ANTI-DEMOCRATIC.
EU Democracy is a cruel clown joke and a travesty.

The E.U. concept was originally hatched by The Council of Foreign Relations and The Queen of Belgium and their Bankster cronies.

What a great job she did for Belgium and Belgians who can't even agree as to what language to speak! Flemish or French. The Monarchy in Belgium is descended from their King Leopold - the guy that almost single handedly gave Imperialism a dirty name. King Leopold of Belgium killed, tortured, maimed and God knows what else ... all to get his Belgian Congo rubber plantations running up to snuff.


BRITAIN is lucky and clever to have been allowed to vote to exit the EU. The Bank of England is over 330 years old so if they don't know what they are doing by now they never will! BOE founded 1694!

Greece, on the other hand, needs to get serious about its future and over its inferiority complex. For a thousand years Greek was the language of the Eastern Roman Empire. Greek speakers invented Graphocracies or bureaucracy  and should not feel inferior to anyone anywhere just because of all the outrageous violations they endure.

Today we can look at Greece as facets of a great gem. For tourism please use the menu above.

One particular facet of Greece defines its self by identifying with its classical past to attract tourism.
Another facet of Greece is its burdensome huge government bureaucracy.

If you examine the facts, all this overregulating & bureaucracy does is create endless career positions for its self and produce paper work and tax bills. The Guvmint' sets its own salary, one far more generous than the non equivalent private sector. Brussels doesn't mind that! But they want to cut the elderly pensions! We aren't supposed to notice!

DID YOU KNOW Sweden's Alfred Noble, of Noble prize fame, originally made his money selling MUNITIONS. A chemist, he invented TNT and Dynamite. After reading a premature obituary which condemned him for profiting from the sales of arms, he bequeathed his fortune to institute the Nobel Prizes. VISIT THE WAR MUSEUM ON MUSEUM ROW.
Its free.

athens museum row

HAD YOU REALIZED THAT Heinrich Schliemann, who discovered 'Troy' and excavated Mycenae also made his money selling to armies during wars? Heinrich sold food stuffs and supplies. Where would Greece's tourism industry today be with out him? VISIT HIS Swell  Digs THE NUMISMATIC MUSEUM!

Game Changer:
The Olympic Games
should be returned EXCLUSIVELY to Greece.

La Gardenaxos tavern owners taxes explanationInternational Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde has backed the idea of returning the Olympic Games to a permanent home in Greece.

Asked during a forum at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado earlier this week, the IMF chief said: “I believe it is a good idea that is out of the box.”

“If this could generate demand, something the economy needs, that would be excellent,” Lagarde said.

baaaah!Harrys Greece Travel Guide has been recommending the Games be formally returned to Greece for many months!!!!!  Many others before me felt and feel the same way!

There is no single solution to Greece economic woes but returning the Olympic Games to Greece's stewardship ought to help the common man rather than a new bloated bureaucracy.

It just could be a giant leap for your everyday over taxed Greek citizen payer! Thank You Christine!

Click for the real Harrys Athens Grecee GuideThe Olympic Games Only in Greece

Bring the most Greek thing of all back to Greece, the Olympic Games!
And exclusively to Greece. We have the Stadiums, lets use them!

We may even be able to pay for them this way.
We invented the Games and Stadiums too!

We may have lost our marbles but we aren't crazy.
I'd love to hear about the legal title rights to this particular Greek franchise.

 I don't believe they can stop a determined effort on our part.

Only we can can stop ourselves.
Oute Ena Vema! Kato ta Heirya!

Does Greece have the initiative to focus on a goal it can actually win, that will encourage tourism, create jobs and I believe, for which we are eminently qualified?

The Olympic Games is part of Greece's Heritage and should not be for sale or leased like Gold.
Or, and perish the thought, is all that Greece', so-called committee, lets ask Brussels, leadership know?
Paternal, central bank hoop jumping motions...supposedly with pensions as a tier one priority. Round up the usual suspects!

Greece could also deal with the doping aspect of professional sports in a variety of ways. It could ignore it altogether and thus fuel a TV frenzy of coverage and ensuing TV residuals, satellite feeds and concurrent economic benefits. That way both types of games could coexist.

Or Greece could guarantee a doping free environment to which no one would give credence and which would compete with the incumbent. Winter Games would be tough, that's true, but not impossible perhaps.

Or Greece could have amateur sports events to which everyone came. They come for the Marathon and they'd come for these too!


PalikariI'd prefer to have been asked my thoughts instead of railroaded down track 666 of 50 more years of debt.

Collusion with The EU banksters enabled and encouraged the Greek Debt Nightmare. And Greek sell out politicians and industrial and shipping family movers and shakers worked hand in glove with them to sock a few away.

For a small country like Greece to compete, recognition of its unique culture is necessary. Greece should be nurtured and respected. Just as Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco and Guernsey are recognized for their uniqueness and given special status so should Greece.

alt textSince the E.U., representational Democracy no longer exists in Greece. Greece is unable to achieve comparative advantage due to regulation and high costs of living.

The Diss-Eunion is a Brobdingnagian scam astroturfed by bankers and lobbyists and a extra layer of big useless taxing government. Foisted upon us by The Banking Cartel. Look at poor Ukraine, its not a member yet but owes the EU Billions.

Ukraine is a partner country within the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP). - The European Commission, on behalf of the EU, today disbursed a loan of €600 million to Ukraine. European Union governments formally approved a 1.8 billion euro ($1.9 billion) loan for Ukraine on Tuesday to help save it from bankruptcy.

The European Neighborhood Policy (ENP).


cartoon120912Today, in 2016, Greeks are taxed in ADVANCE.

As a member of the EU is this even legal?
Is it even Democratic?

Additionally Residents and TOURISTS pay a quarter more due to imposed 24% VAT.

Is this good for tourism and growth?
Is it good for Greece?

All Inclusive tourism with the UK, Russia and China for example doesn't help the local Greek economy - its a closed system.

Increased Cruise ships will help those ports they pay call to no doubt.  Perhaps souvenir and trinket factories will benefit having closed in Greece and moved to Bulgaria. Current unrest and strikes by Piraeus dockworkers are souring the view of perspective cruise companies seeking "Home Port" docking facilities including prestigious client Holland America.



The good news is that a civil aviation authority strike was just postponed. These labour slowdowns and stoppages are begot of the austerity measures affecting all economic strata. Pension decreases & tax increases. All except Government and Utility CO. Employees who get cost of living increases of 8%. Is this fair?

It reminds me of the opening quote, which, in case you missed it is:

"Should government refrain from regulation (taxation), the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud can no longer be concealed." - John Maynard Keynes

So, if you do work, they tax you against your salary for your social security to be paid years later. Which, as we can all see, is a system that doesn't work. Today pensions are being slashed. How is that working for Ya?

If there was a sound easily understandable economic plan that would be one thing. But lacking such plan Greece should either renegotiate the so-called-debt or default. Opportunity favors the prepared mind. A crime to waste it. In my opinion we have other options and so does the world.

Want to know how to get to the Greek Island ferries from the (ATH) Eleftherious Venizelous airport? Allow 2-3hr transit time.

Greece is the canary in the coal mine of western civilization and its gasping for air! ANASA!

Greek Wildfowl got Syndaxi?The goal of this particular page of this site is that Greece or Hellas should regain sovereignty and a more business friendly environment. A trimmer & leaner less regulated and taxed Greece.

There is no place quite like Greece but right now its top heavy, dependent and stagnant. Hellas is unique and has every responsibility to remain so. The slings and arrow of outrageous history have taught the Greeks resilience but current measure exceed civilized known norms and conventions.

The new post Grexit Greece, while honing its edge, should exceed commensurate freedoms with other TRUE western democracies and regain control of its sovereignty.

Greece is the canary in the coal mine of western civilization. Greece needs a new, and for lack of a better name, Humanitarian Party upholding its Orthodox Christian Values and Demographics. Greece cant afford to continue these reckless practices dictated from far away for political reasons and where its easy to scapegoat innocent Greek citizens who had nothing to do with these loans.

Sign the petititon to end Greece' unfair taxation

Sign the Petition and avert a Greek Tragedy for the New Millennium


Sign the Petition to End
the Objective Tax Criteria.
Greek citizens are unfairly taxed
based on absurd criteria and even in advance.

Greece is the only country I know where they tax you in advance!

Click & Vote to End the unfair Andemeniki Kriteria

Your painless & quick action above will Help
to 'Save Greece' and for Greece to 'Get a Life' and a 'Real Job'!
Because a country of tax collectors is unsustainable.

Greece with 11 million citizens,
does not need 300 Parliamentarians at 8,000eu/mo each. or 2,400,

Also each of the 300 with 3  assistants pocketing @ 5,000 eu/mo/ea
300 x 3 = 900 x 5,000 = 4,500,000.00
Approximately 7 million a month for this state of affairs is outrageous!
You do not have to be Greek to sign this petition.

arrest the bankers

evzone-tsoliaHGTG Welcomes you! россияне Добро 中國歡迎
Greece has lost its Marbles in more ways than one!

Definition of 'Lose your marbles' from our dictionary of English idioms and idiomatic expressions. ... If someone has lost their marbles, they've gone mad.

Loan Sharks (Toixoi Gylifti) Central Bankers!!! Parasite Politicians!!!!! Quit pissing us off!!!!! 23% V.A.Tax!

 “For the sake of historical truth I must verify that only the Greeks, of all the adversaries who confronted us, fought with bold courage and highest disregard of death.” - Adolph Hitler

2016 Peace on Earth and Grexit!

Harry's Greece travel site is for foreign travelers to Hellas (Greece) who want to get it right the first time or even make changes if need be.
Get a free quote from us without obligation and compare!

If touristic and travel services are needed then we can provide them! On a budget? Budget Greece used to offer many time honored options now complicated like you read about or see on TV.

Today in 2016 Greece is the among the most expensive countries in Europe or close to it!

Then there is the Value Added Tax of 13% or 23% depending on the nature of the goods. I liked it better the old way.

But I went to school and studied economics so must have missed the day they planned it this way.


HGTG offers plenty of free information about travel to Greece. But I alone cant keep up with the news. That's why I work with two licensed travel agencies whose job that is.

In 2016 We are looking forward to a banner year of 26,000,000 tourists. If you believe the projections.

Picking up business from those with other priorities. Also Greece will become a cruise ship home port.

Let Greece Decrease Dependency on Bank Borrowing & Foreign Investment = Debt Enslavement. Witness the pain to Greece!

Industrial Hemp can create new industries and solve many of Greece's problems and is carbon sequestering

Hemp is intentionally being kept out of the main stream. What's criminal is that there are "collectives" out there who continue to demonize industrial cultivation for their own fiduciary self aggrandizement.

Climate change believer? Apparatuses Powered By Waves & Currents

The system operates underwater and harnesses the power of ocean currents, effectively turning the ocean’s swell into electricity. Last time I checked Greece had 9,000 miles of coast line!

Hemp is so versatile and sequesters carbon minimizing climate change. Here he builds a house, Greek builders will drool over because it saves them money. Its a much more economic plant to grow than cotton.


See how plastic kills the poor birds in the south Pacific. In Greece Blue Flags or no, plastic is a problem and I wish it wasn't so.

Industrial Hemp has been with us for thousands of years and is one of the most empowering plants given us by nature. The Canadians and 36 other countries, but not Greece, are using Hemp in automobile and other industries including cloth, fabric, paper, hempcrete, rope, etc. and the list goes on.

There by replacing toxic Fiberglass! Hemp is an organic, ecological, and even stronger composite material. Suitable for Formula One, Marine, General Design, the Aerospace Industry, guitar bodies and whole lot more!



Greece builds yachts and many boats. Wood is expensive and fiberglass chemically toxic. Industrial Hemp composites are less expensive, stronger and easier to grow. Conceivably you could grow your own fields and like olive oil, go on to create wealth based on the number of olive trees or hemp plants grown. Hemp will grow in places olive trees wont! You can grow both. An industry with roots accessible to all. Different areas of Greece could use hemp for different things perhaps. And with a cohesive plan who knows what Greece could achieve! From Wikipedia below.

Cannabis for industrial uses or Hemp (from Old English hænep) refers to the high-growing industrial varieties of theCannabis plant and its products.[1] Cannabis is one of the fastest growing biomasses known, and one of the earliest domesticated plants known.[2] The plant can refined into products including paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, construction materials, health food, animal feed and fuel.[3]

socrates poison is free from the stateIn Greek Phot of man holding sign saying :Tsipras, the people said NO"Shrewish and myopic eyes have made big plans to monetize every aspect of Greece and blame it on you!

They know you didn't pay all your taxes! Its obvious plus they have all your previous data and figure you are an unpatriotic cheat. So they pick a number - guestimate - as to how much it is you are really raking in. In their opinion.

da futaEssentially you are guilty until proven innocent. People are understandably upset. After all what do we get for our money? Being taxed in advance is undemocratic at the very least.

Soon, they postulate, they will have pacified us with GMO foods, meat chock full of antibiotics and mandatory vaccinations. In this elite secret society manner they hope to condition us to allow the implanting of sub-cutaneous tracking chips to better protect us from the unscrupulous wolves.

Think your decisions are Balanced and Informed?

Astroturf = Manipulation using Mass and Social Media to affect attitudes and opinions.

She is also accused of cheating to build fake Facebook 'likes.' ... or never tweet – and she's already under fire for 'buying' fake Facebook fans ... Although Hillary Clinton boasts a robust 3.6 million Twitter followers, not even a ...

Hillary Clinton campaign buying millions of fake Twitter and ... that a large number of her Facebook fans may represent 'likes' that were ...

The Washington Examiner reports an audit of the Twitter accounts for the 2016 presidential candidates found Hillary Clinton has the highest percentage of phony followers by far, a whopping 41 percent. This means that of the 4.65 million followers Clinton claims, 1, 906,500 of them might be fakes.

These fake followers were sniffed out with a tool called TwitterAudit, which examines the activity on Twitter accounts and looks for telltale signs of falsehood, such as a very low number of tweets, small numbers of followers, and other metrics combined into an authenticity score. Its creators readily concede the process is not perfect and can have a significant margin of error. Breitbart 15-11-09

Cultural Marxism is the purposeful spread of perfidious ideas to manipulate attitudes and even rewrite history.

George Orwell "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Big Brother is watching you."

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Orwell

Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals. Orwell


Today, however, in order to keep face, or is it facade, bankers are using Greece as a scape goat and poster child for what happens to naughty children who think they can buck the system. Pun intended.

Because, thus far Greece's 21st century economic marching orders from Brussels are ridiculous, detrimental and only stifle the economy. Merely milking us dry as it were. Stournaris, president of the foreign run Bank of Greece, sadly acts the true goose stepping sell out.
Accomplishing Nothing as far as I can see. And doing harm instead. Negating Comparative Advantage, a fundamental economic principle.
And its expensive to live in Greece. Food, drink and Utilities in particular.

That's him above, tete-a-tete with the shadow Reich Chancellor. The Poor man. He'll find a way to make us pay. Unfortunately now its the wrong way. The correct way is to prosecute the guilty not tax the innocent.


George PapandreaouGreece currently has a self styled leftist Government.


Which seeks to ruthlessly extract every ounce of juice
from Greece's thieving tax cheat populace with whatever it takes!

Hoping that this way we will be distracted from the past and those who lead us into this mess. Earlier Bank toadies enabled by Pasok and New Democracy.

Outrageously they are even taxing Greek citizens in advance!
Taxing you for income before you make it!
And, if you by chance lost money, you are a scofflaw, lying and to be fined.

lend Greece money wont you give generouslyIn Greece the politicians are the ones that need reigning in not the citizens. With the V.A.T. tax (value added tax) we get biten no matter what. 23%.

Toss in, that only the public utility and government employees are immune to pension cuts and that each of the 300 Parliamentarians makes over 8,000 eu a month and has several assistants earning 5k/mo. min.

huge liar and worseAnd you can see that these servants of the state are out of touch and think we are stupid. Government employees just got an 8% cost of living increase in 2016.

The Social contract has been altered between homeowner and state. Its two separate classes. Them and us.

angela and hillarylocal graffittiHere is what is going on in Greece. Its Democracy with paid actors and those taxed to support them. Problem is there are so many actors supported with luxurious salaries and benefits that there are not enough Greeks in the tax base to support them. Solution? Tax the buggers more! In advance and say its for the left!

The Public Sector has grown to where its large enough to keep voting its self into power. And its tendrils dig deep enough (as in people you know, that you don't want to see, loose their pension) such that it is akin to overthrowing the Tyrants of Antiquity. A Greek Tragedy for the New Millennium.

While taxes and utility bills increase with every cycle of the moon, services decrease or are, in some cases non existent.

We recall we are told there is no inflation which is not true - goods still increase in price at my super market.

digital currency so convenientService prices, on the other hand, as for masons, plumbers or floor repairmen have deflated.

Copper wiring has gone up. Greece uses the metric system but not for plumbing supplies like pipe which are sold in inches and feet.

Also the Aegean and Ionian seas comprises a big part of Greece and local mariners use nautical mile terminology. Go figure.


a contendernautical mile is based on he circumference of the earth, and is equal to one minute of latitude. It is slightly more than a statute (land measuredmile (1 nautical mile = 1.1508statute mile). Nautical miles are used for charting and navigating.

its easyWith all this adaptation Greece is so good at you think that maybe we could get along with out the Euro currency if we really tried too?

What if we had our own currency again? Like we used to. It would make us more competitive. Try telling that to a bureaucrat who cant be fired.

Alternatively Greece could even join he British Commonwealth Currencies in theory. I mean since we don't have any ideas of our own. Or much credibility either. Greece owned gold once. Greece had control of its own affairs once too. A lot has changed.

In fact that is a great idea. Greece and the UK could exit together and Greece join the Commonwealth currencies.

Britain has had intimate relations with Greece for many years. Particularly Corfu.

queen!her majestyWhats stopping Britain from forging currency alliances with Greece and other like minded European sovereign states?

Heavily indebted EU states which are already well down the path to ruination and perdition through debt enslavement and private bank issued money.

You got to hand to them Imperialist legacy benefits"If the Nation can issue a dollar bond it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good also. The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets the money broker collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%.

Whereas the currency, the honest sort provided by the Constitution pays nobody but those who contribute in some useful way.

printing more devalues It is absurd to say our Country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency. Left Federal Reserve Note

Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurer and the other helps the People."

- Thomas A. Edison

As our Hellenic paper currency' badge of authenticity, what shall Greece choose? How about our coins? I believe we will always require a physical hold in hand type of currency in addition to a digital one.

Greece needs to reorganize a couple of dynamics. Figure out what its best interests are. Today nobody in his right mind wants to invest in Greece and we are leaking business like a sieve.

Greece should use its head to think both in and out side the box.

money is a greek invention perhapsInstead of calling our new issuance the Euro or New Drachma we might want to look around and see what other currencies are in circulation and how they compare to new technologies such as bit coin. Bit coin or block chain technology is safer the more people use it.

bitcoin retail machine display in situ bar restaurant cafeI have a good video below which portrays bit coin as a potential sea change.

Just think, what if Greece took the initiative and announced a Greek government 'guaranteed*' Bitcoin platform open to all?

Greece would reap huge benefits by enabling bit coin. Providing a backbone core system of linked fail safe servers to provide a bit coin Fort Knox and stuff.

Greece could morph into the rock foundation upholding the sanctity of Bit coin and blossom into a new Digital Switzerland. For Greece to sell you Bitcoin you would have to buy with accepted script: dollars, yuan, renimbi, euros and so on.

In one scenario, Greece might cash reserve-sit on 75% of this money. Regular Western banks are highly over leveraged with debt. Greece's product wont draw if it doesn't offer a solid diaphanous understandable frame work. Greece's OPAP gambling and lottery is a world wide model of how Greece can achieve prominence technically if not ethically.

real stock marketLets fantasize! What would be the best place for Greece to reinvest this money? What Western banks do is buy more gold. They hoard gold and silver to keep it out of circulation and our sight and mind. They can print money and debase the currency with eclat this way.

What else should Greece consider doing with surplus money I wonder? Greece current liquidity problem might become an over abundance of solvency issue. A la Yiannis Varoufakis speak. If such a scheme took fruit what would an entity like Greece do with that money? Pay back its debt no doubt. But become too big to fail.

Debt aside, other worthy options should include reinvesting in its self and also Gold, Silver.

We'd shy away and steer clear of any Goldman Sachs sure fire schemes of collateralized US auto or student loan debt. We could invest domestically with our own money in the Amusement park multi-plex I-max Cirque Gymnastic School I outline below at the old airport in Athens. We would reinvest in the future of Greece and improve medical and educational ministries to name only two.

Digitally, Greece, if forgoing, branded printed and minted coins for money and using only BitCoin, Greece wouldn't need it own currency would it? Or perhaps its particular bit coin would need branding. Grit Coin perhaps.

Electrical Power consumption is an issue in Bitcoin mining. Which currently (pun intended) uses a grid intensive carrot and stick approach to encourage bit miners. Here is a great Bitcoin article I read on the Motherboard site by Sebastian Deetman.

alpha beta gama.

sifnos island treasuryFor up to the minute 2016 pricing use the inquiry links at the top of each page.

Featuring the Greek Islands and classical mainland, we offer conventional Greece tourism such as tours and cruises and alternative platoGreece tourism including self walking tours, guided walking tours, hiking and rafting in Greece.

You can also discover many Greek travel ideas using the drop down menu above. If you want to book your rooms on line yourself or through  a computer hotel portal compare their prices and ours!

 Please compare our prices before you book through a hotel site or portal.

Visit our Greek Island Ferry schedules resource links. Then learn how and when to reach the port of Piraeus from ATH or Athens Eleftherious Venizelous Airport. Or we can arrange transfers in a/c comfort.

Harry's Lets re-invent Greece Campaign because

We've Lost our Marbles!
So in return Demand the Olympic Games exclusively to Greece.
Greece needs a real Day Job.

Besides tax collecting, bean counting, bulls hit
artistry and glad handing fellow political parasites at taxpayer expense.

bailoutI don't have all the answers or solutions and anyone that says he does is lying! But I have a few!!!!

I ask people to name just one thing they like about the Euro as we've known it.

So far only the convenience of not having to exchange currency is the only response I've gotten. Prices have gone up from week one of the euro. I was here, I am still here.

Greece wanted to prove that it could put on an Olympic Games so we got into debt. They were warning us back then that borrowing for Olympic Expenditures would lead to trouble and here it is!

Viewed in that light, isn't it a a crime to leave
the Olympic venues fallow and the Olympic flame gutted?

As to Greece leaving the Euro and other mongering-grandstanding. In my opinion there really is no Europe with out Greece.  In Greek Mythology Europa was raped by the Zeus. Europe is still getting raped but by the bankster.

Europe is a Greek word! So is Austerity. So is Economics. Its not what Europe can do for Greece its what Greece has already done for Europe and the Christian world! Bible is a Greek word too and in the Bible it says: "Money is the root of all evil".

kleptocracyGreece is the alpha and omega of Europe. Its cradle and its crucible. Modern Greece, for all its its current faults still has plenty of historical moral high ground to be proud of unlike Germany, Italy, Vichy France and Spain.  Greece is the best thing to happen to Europe!

We remain true to our Christian Ideals. We said no to Hitler. Defending Greece we handed the axis its first defeats. We have fought hard and we have worked hard. Are we to trade our life savings away?

Its time for Greece to quit allowing so many politicians to feed at the public expense and bind us to disastrous agreements.

And with our pension money to invest with known bankster criminals and smiling all the way to the bank politicians.

We should do as Iceland did! Now instead we are yoked for another 50 minimum years of debt! Excuse me? This is Leadership? This is Vision? This is the Plan?

Yia thn Ellada re Gamoto!

Send your ideas to: and I'll put them on line and give you credit if desired.
Put Lets Save Greece in the header of your e-mail. Kindly Be positive.

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”
-Ayn Rand

If you get all your ideas from bankers you are going to end up with one thing Guaranteed. DEBT!!!!!

Here are a few ideas of mine:

Ellinikon  A.K.A. The Old Airport: turn it in to a multi function Year Round Amusement park

the hydra coaster USAWith the best roller coasters and amusements in the world. This will draw tourism. Family and youth.

Additionally make it an extreme sport destination and metro link it too!

There are many tangental complimentary things Ellinikon could draw world wide crowds for! Cirque and Acrobatic skills for example.

The Chinese, Canadians and Ukrainians teach these skills! Why cant we partner with them and create a unique facility or two or three?

gymnasticsGreece is already a tourism destination and offers a better climate and more central location. 11,000,000 people pass thru Greece in a good year if you believe. Apparently that is not enough to pay our bills. So lets provide full time spectacle and a full time teaching/work university. Bread and Circuses worked for the Romans.

aquarium There could also be an Aquarium and the latest exhibitions and art. Easy transportation a must in such a location. Such a park could be something to spread skills and unify us because the EU values aint doing it!

We don't need another fooking mall with the same olde overpriced shite in it!
If you get all your ideas from bankers you are going to end up with one thing guaranteed. DEBT!!!!!

But how are we going to pay for it Harry? We can crowd source. Issue Bonds kinda even but not through a broker!

Block Chain Technology our own "Grit Coin"!

KalymnosMoney you could spend on your vacation in Greece perhaps?

We don't need no stinking central bank. We need Pay Pal. If every Greek in the diaspora and here in Greece put in 10 euros we'd go from there! But we need the system behind us instead of grinding us down.

Ayn Rand — 'The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.'

Greece has few alternatives to vote for. But we can at least still air our concerns and discuss alternatives, I hope.

Athenean Sm Owl Pair Preening PosingIf Greece was a nurturing and competitive environment the economy would improve. Also the additional layer of Euro Government usurps Greece' freedom and self determination economically and in the eyes of anyone with eyes to see!

Greece doesn't need the European Union. Greece, perhaps, when and if considering a union, Hellas should make its own Union with  Bulgaria and the other Balkan states and even Iceland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel and Egypt.

Those Greek travelers considering a visit will see that besides the information contained herein about travel and vacationing in Greece, Harry is willing to show you the taxing side. Expensive newly invented and unconstitutional taxes which certainly change the social contract between state and private property holders.

Sadly since the euro currency inception there is 23% Value Added Tax more to everything you purchase in Hellas. Besides just laying on the beach, playing with your electronic devices and making friends and influencing people. For Island hoppers, one set of extenuations will exist, and for those confining themselves to the mainland, another. For those of us behind the curtain of 'the good time to be had by all in Greece' my small voice squeaks shrilly!.

lend Greece money wont you give generouslyFor Greek Island voyagers coordinating Greek island ferry schedules with accommodations both coming and going is dicey in high season June-Aug!

In general for first time visitors, High Season is when you'll appreciate your informed travel professional and having used our services the most.

What would Henry Miller or John Fowles do before evoking Greece on the printed page? I tell you what I do!

Down a sfee-nakee or two of Greek brandy, ouzo or raki with appetizing mezedes. Grilled Octopus if I can get it!

Because Greece has a long history of distillation, occasionally, counterfeit name-brand, imported liquor, called 'Bomba' maybe be foisted upon you. Drinking the local Greek distillations ensures authenticity.

proximity good to athensImbibers will gain new respect for the kefi inducing power of these ancient Greek cultures refined to time honored levels. Each domesticallity and island, in fact, often has it own local liquor.

Usually focused on indigenous flavours using various herbs such as the palette cleansing mastich of Chios Island. Gum Mastic from Chios is the original Chewing Gum.

Mastich  (a bushy plant) refuses to be transplanted and wont grow anywhere else but on Chios.

Similarly also in ancient and not so ancient time, the wine, 'Malmsey' loaded from Monemvasia Peloponnese was highly prized by those affluent enough to drink it.

Malmsey from D. H's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, type of strong, sweet white wine, from Provençal malmesie or Middle Dutch malemesye, both from Medieval Latin malmasia, from Medieval Greek Monembasia "Monemvasia," a town in the southern Peloponnesus that was an important center of wine production in the Middle Ages, literally "only one entrance," from monos "alone, only" + embasis "entering into," from en- "in" + basis "a going, a stepping, a base" .


ancient grecian mysteriesCorinthian Currants and Grecian grapes as well as wheats and grains have been cultivated here from antiquity and which knowledge was part of the Elysian Mysteries. Lets preserve and honor this unique Hellenic heritage and in more ways than one and build on this tradition of innovative excellence and astuteness. Meanwhile....

For those really planning a last minute visit and even hard boiled, confirmed, sun worshipping, island idolators, feverishly mapping their itineraries, Y'all know to stay within one island group. Keep things simple - avoid travel time.

This way you will receive free of charge, Oracle like insight using this nifty ferry schedules Greek islands route map.

Harry Lives in Greece among usThere are 7 Greek Island groups. The Cycladic archipelago grouping is ideal. If you're planning a whirlwind tour of the islands in three days.... that's something best left to a travel professional who will be on top of things if need be. And hopefully talk you out of it. You know who you are!

Invariably flights and ferries get delayed and canceled due to high winds and other reasons.

Since 1999, HGTG has been offering full service travel arrangements from 5 star luxury on down. Hotels, walking tours, guided tours, cruises, transfers, ferry or domestic flight tickets and even private taxi tours planned around the sights you have always found romantic.

Want to know how to get to the Greek Island ferries from the (ATH) Eleftherious Venizelous airport? Allow 2-3hr transit time.

On the subject of your lodging location, consider techno noise at night - revelry or quiet is something to consider when visiting party islands. For instance, Mykonos or Santorini are known for their bacchanalian rites of summer and historically important sights/sites being Delos and Akrotiri.

But you may find this noise pollution problem where ever you go in Greece. And likely will.

Its part of Greece' charm or problem depending on your perspective. Other peoples unreasonable decibel music.



Or and this is interesting,  we can be like Zimbabwe and switch to the Chinese yuan. Or like the Turks just next door we could switch to a more gold based economy. Right next door. Right now 3/4's of Turks don't use banks!

What Iceland Is Successfully Accomplishing

It appears there is another way! Icelands' citizens obviously have more control over their government than many other small countries. They also have good memories of what it was like before they liberalized their banking Industry and ended up debt enslaved! Its didn't even take 10 years for it to befall them either. They are saying NO and jailed those responsible.

After Healing His Own Cancer With Cannabis, This Self-Taught Doctor Cured Over 5000 Patients

Rick Simpson, one of the world’s cannabis icons and activists for legalization of marijuana, has healed more than 5000 people with cannabis oil – after he was diagnosed with the most severe skin cancer in 2002 and cured the dreaded disease using hemp oil.



Greek Citizens Told To Declare Cash "Under The Mattress", Jewelry And Precious Stones

I wish Greece  still had sovereignty - o AmerikaniakiasCash "under the mattress" totaling more than 15,000 euro, jewelry and other valuable items such as diamonds and gemstones, should be declared to electronic system of tax authorities, Taxisnet, as of 1 January 2016.

Next to properties and vehicles and shares, now the taxpayers will also have to declare their deposits. And not only that. They will have to fill if they rent bank lockers and if yes, also the name of the bank and the branch, even if abroad.

Greece must exit the E.U. which is run, influenced, bought and sold by the collective's lobbyists.

Average Greek citizens have been brow beaten so much by the entrenched bureaucracy, red-tape and rigmarole that they know its useless to complain unless they oil the machine or a bunch of them show up with pitch forks and torches.

Greece is a lot like Castle Dracula with our life blood being sucked by bloated apparatchiks in the Eu and on Wall Street and particularly here in the top heavy government bureaucracy and bloated demos (public machine). Larger countries with Parliaments have fewer ministers and much better economies.

These 300 parliamentarians and current plan of representation was one of the last measures implemented by Pasok & George Papandreou.

The Greek premiers Mom? Where did she get it?He called it Good Government (state) or Kallikraties. I call it an outrage! It would be one thing if Greece's economy was firing on all cylinders instead of limping along and begging for gas money. Do these people deserve this kind of money? 8,000 eu a month?

Rumor has it of just one parliamentary assistant who get 4,200 a month plus another 2500 bonus. There are a lot of assistants.

Many, many Greek citizens find this particular point of salary sticking in their caws (throats).

To paraphrase Churchill "Never have so many, taken so much, for offering so little, in this, our worst hour"

Jesus himself had issues with the money lenders.

if its so worthless why do they amass tons of it and keep it out of Greece and European circulation?Its the oldest scam perhaps but if I were going to blame anyone, I'd blame the Bank of England, the Fed, the international banking cartels and the big corporations. The B.I.S., Bilderbergers, the Fabians and Wall street run the US treasury and internationally all fiat currencies suppress the price of precious metals.

War declared, Gold falls! Economy in tatters, Gold falls.  Nuclear Sabre Rattling, Gold falls. Nothing to see here - The Elite know what's best, you wouldn't understand because they purposefully, through their control of the media keep you off balance and not sure where to start.

Q. But whats the white elephant in the room? What's the one ring that binds us no matter where we live? That we all have in common?

A. The money supply is the link that binds us all. Gold used to be the bench mark.

Fiat printing Governments hoard gold for a reason. To keep it out of the money supply. Out of sight out of mind.

They hate it. It keeps them honest.

Since Richard Nixon took the USA off the gold standard 1971 now they lend us money they print from nothing; and the whole world is in debt. But you and I are paying for it in our hard work, economies and taxes. This isn't freedom, this is a shill game, ponzi scheme.

Fractional Reserve Banking Explained

They create more credit with a digital entry. From Nothing! Then your government taxes you to pay for the lousy deals they made with your pension money. You work your whole life to be screwed over. Is this the future you want to leave your kid?

Buy gold & silver bullion - Goldbroker.comThe get away with it now but for how much longer? People have caught on to the scam. The more they print the less each is worth. They are stealing our future with naked short selling futures. Registered COMEX gold, has just hit an all time high of 294 ounces of paper for every ounces of physical.

However, the Chinese keep buying physical gold in record amounts. Nobody ever said the Chinese were stupid! Maybe they know something we don't! Even the Turks have way more gold in circulation than Greece and very few of them trust their money with the bank!

For every Turk who saved in a deposit account last year, three opted for gold or cash, a December MasterIndex survey showed. Those who deposit their lira at banks refuse to do so for more than a few months, according to the survey commissioned by MasterCard Worldwide.

“It’s hard to change ingrained behavior and Turks like to remain liquid,” said like goldman default swapsMichael Gomez, co-head of emerging markets at Pimco, manager of the world’s biggest bond fund, in a telephone interview from Munich.

Gold and silver should be in circulation and are the only real money. "Money is gold, and nothing else'.- J.P. Morgan.

Today JPM is run by a Greek American Jaime Dimon. Small World! Thanks Jaime!

JPM is the right hand of the US treasury or vice versa. Also known as 'the plunge protection team' and form the Synyster hand of the people behind the curtain. You know, the ones that script the news!

tourism in GreeceIn Case you Missed it OMG FCOL

"Should government refrain from regulation (taxation), the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud can no longer be concealed." - John Maynard Keynes

If he said that? WTF? I thought Keynes was the culprit! Ah so Keynes knew exactly what he was doing. Just like Bernays the so called father of propaganda knew.

'As civilization has become more complex, and as the need for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which opinion may be regimented'. - Edward Bernays

I guess the people that used his services initially were Madison Avenue's Mad Men. Through their payments to Bernays, they created a self fulfilling increase for their own need for invisible manipulation based on the profit motive. Personally I think some government is necessary but not bought and sold invisible government used by corporations and hedge fund managers to control us. Lobbying & Lobbyists should be banned. Along with the robber barons of today!

Digital media is a 2 edged sword and its already cut them 3 times. Assange, Manning, Snowden. Not to mention none if it is really secure and I am sure they don't know the half of it. Meanwhile, the money lenders are laughing at us.

But what do I know? Like George Papandreou himself I am just a Greek-Amerikan.

An American-iakias and also a 'GodDamn-ias'.

A 'GodDamn-ias' is an actor on TV or films who says God Damn it really forcefully. Greeks, who invented theater and democracy after all, love cinema and appropriate English expressions with their unique and incisive sense of humor.

For Example If you are 'sto Cheetah' (Tarzans' Cheetah) you are upset similarly, the way Cheetah would get.  I am upset like Cheetah when he is warning Tarzan his tree house is about to be repossessed by faceless entities wearing $1,700 Hugo Boss suits while touting their fiduciary responsibility.

Do the right things and put some cheese on it! try to save what we can of GreeceHello Mom?So maybe you care that they are making monkeys out of us?

This manipulation of the benchmark gold price affects everybody everywhere on the planet. Add in all the other shenanigans and here we are! If you don't think Greece is going to pass it on to the customer - what else can it do?

So, if you are of Greek extraction, but not exclusively, and sitting there in New Smyrna, Montreal, Melbourne, Sydney, London, Astoria or even Caracas, and also upset, or are even considering getting up set, kindly link to me and spread the word.

Austerity should lead by exampleOr ask a friend with a web site to link to my site and perhaps we can shame these people into reducing their 8,000 eu/MO salaries. Because Cobbers, they are not ashamed, which in Greek, in case you forgot, is; den drepounde.

gold coins 20 drxAusterity should lead by example, not 8,000 euros a month. More water needs to go into the wine not more taxes. That is, if you want to be taken seriously. Politicians like these are why regular folks want to hide income. O Cuckoos, Eye-doni! You pay for a nightingale and get a cuckoo.

Manges, the diaspora! Got property in Greece?
This is the time you want to remember the Greek saying.
Opios Filae ta RooHa too, Ehe ta Meesa. 

P.S. If you think I am making any money from this. Honi soit qui mal y pense. Skordo sta matia sas!

If you'd like to return there are three ways to reach this page, each more memorable than the last. | |

Greek MP Nikolopoulos accuses Giorgos Papandreou of high treason

The MP accused the former Prime Minister of being “the doorman of international loan sharks”

The Greek premiers Mom? Where did she get it?

Independent MP Nikos Nikolopoulos has filed charges against former Prime Minister and president of Movement of Democrats Socialists Giorgos Papandreou for high treason.

In the charges brought by Mr. Nikolopoulos, The former PM is accused of violating the institutional process for publicizing the country’s fiscal data for 2009, when he announced the deficit on Kastelorizo, six months before the Court of Auditors’ report.

The Independent MP alleges that the former Prime Minister’s actions resulted in increased pressure on Greece to accept the bailout agreements, which ultimately harmed the country’s interests.

Upon leaving the Prosecutor’s office, Mr. Nikolopoulos called the former Prime Minister “the doorman of international loan sharks” for “subserviently and consciously” opening the backdoor for the money lenders and IMF, which in turn resulted in economic and social devastation in Greece.

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Harry's Language Corner!

Todays lesson 1: "Malakes"!

'Malakes' is a term of endearment Greeks use amongst themselves!

Malaka is singular and Malakes Plural!

In Greece its the "M" word.

Lesson Two: Sycophant or Pychophantis in Greek

A person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage. synonyms: yes-man, bootlicker, brown-noser.

Plutarch appears to be the first to have suggested that the source of the term was in laws forbidding the exportation of figs, and that those who leveled the accusation against another of illegally exporting figs were therefore called sycophants. The Greek word for a fig is a "Sica" also slang for "gay".

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Kindly Sign the damn thing!

Lesson 3:
Usury in Greek is τοκογλυφία

This is a word you experience every day while in Greece.

Its pronounced phonetically:
Tee-ho-glee-fi-a. An example is current Greek Bank Visa & MC credit card rates at this level. The Bank gets the money from nothing and charges you 18%. What would you call it? Just? Fair? Δικαιο & τίμιο respectively.

Lesson 4:
Manges(pl) or Mangas

Hipster, knows his onions, opposite of


Country Bumpkin, A Rube or Sucker a fool and his money are soon parted

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1897 Rudolph Diesel invents world’s first diesel engine which is designed to run on clean burning vegetable oils including Hemp Oil which does not cause pollution or create carbon buildup inside engines.

For 30 years Hemp Oil was the fuel of choice for automobiles until international banking cartels sought to destroy Hemp so they could replace it with their toxic petrochemical fuels.


Show More... -

No one seems to care about Greece's future in a quality of life sense.

For the average Hellenic citizen, the Greeks themselves cant see past their next outrageous tax increase or another instance of their heritage being stolen  and them receiving no credit card at a usurious 18%.

About the taxes, the Greek business environment is cumbersome! Like an encrusted bronze statue laying under the sea for a thousand years!

And the pension payments for service economy employees make no sense when we are forced to see, clear as the nose on our faces, todays repeated pension cuts.

Red Flag!! Hello? Something wrong. Why are we paying this money? Where is this money going? Why are our pensions being cut today? Why are we still using the same system hoping it will payout in 25 years when its not working now? Yoo hoo?

For some forgotten reason we allow them to collect and pool this pension money and then invest it.

Swappy Poo

But there was so much debt they had to hide it to continue the con! They invented Credit Default Swaps! Hide the debt now and sell your souls later!


Derivatives and fractional reserve banking don't work long term.

Its not an accident.

Inflation, they say it doesn't exist...Its the direct result of fractional reserve banking.

The more money there is the less its worth.

So the sharp folks over at Stanley Goldstein dreamed up Credit Default swaps to hide Greece's debt. Which exact debt pray tell?

All facilitated by the friendly folks over at Golden Morganchilde.

Whom is still Greece's broker and investment plan.

And another thing. No one asked me, but why are we paying taxes for Education?

Three in four Greeks that finish college go abroad to work!

I like education but the reason these folks go abroad is intolerable.

We need jobs for them here in Greece.

So we look for a work around. An industry that will employ our university graduates!

Industrial Hemp cultivation is accessible agrarian industry compatible with local crops

Farmers can turn in their biomass for central processing and receive cash or 3D printing pellets by weight.

Industrial hemp and medicinal marijuana is one industry with several off shoots that Greece could encourage and why not?

The Industrial Hemp wont require huge loans from foreign investment since its plant based and can be grown where olives are grown and even in sloped areas where olives cant be cultivated.

Its a 3 month crop too! Allowing multiple harvests in Greece salubrious climate.

Because this situation is the same old, same old debt quandary we were never meant to escape.

I am not sure exactly how to label HGTG today in this endless downward spiral transitional period for Europe and Greece.

Today political labels mean nothing. Left, right, Pasok, New Democracy, blue and green, Republican or Democrat. The Bankers are running the show!

But the situation on the ground and at sea and even in the air is changing.

Due to financial manipulation or out of banker control? They wont say. You figure it out.

What will it be like in summer? Or when ever it is you plan to visit Greece.

Since we have to wait an see what events will unfold. If any.

Meanwhile, we can think of another aspect affecting us all: the travel dollar and what it gets you.

This is something we can take measures to rectify.

How much of your take home pay do actually you get to keep after taxes is another item affecting us all.

Taxes affect each and every one of us and it all eventually Talley ho's over at the bank. The One Bank. The Vig. The Vigoritch. The Bank of International Settlements.

Because every government owes it money. Hey, its better than WWIII I'm told.

If, in this site visit, you take just one concept home with you to ponder over, let it be one of these 2 below.

"Should government refrain from regulation (taxation), the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud can no longer be concealed." - John Maynard Keynes

    "It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."  - Henry Ford

Such political labels such as left, right and center are designed to give the illusion of freedom.

And allowed us by the central bankers and collectivists to enable the real scam to continue by keeping us in debt system using fractional reserve banking.

Left, right or center, we all taxed. Some tax & steal it first.

When we already thought this was a supremely memorable vacation, we ended up in Santorini, which you had booked for us, in one of the most fabulous vacation spots we have ever been in.

I would like to thank you for the best trip we have ever had!

From the time we arrived in Greece we no longer had to think about anything, from our transfers, to our excellent hotels, our private tour of Athens and even dinning.

Great website with great people.

We are planning to come back next year and even add another Island with a longer stay.

Your website is booked in my favorites for life...

James and Mark Palm Springs, California

We had a wonderful time. Every place was special.

Our contacts in Mikonos and Santorini were very helpful, the accommodations wonderful, and Crete was a wonderful surprise.

I look forward to being able to spend more time there one day and add other islands as well.

In hindsight, the only changes I would have made involved timing of portions of the trip so we had more time in Crete and a less demanding return schedule.

We look forward to doing it again and seeing more of your wonderful country and enjoying the hospitality.

Thanks for all you did in making it a special time for us.

Jim Oliver

The European Union is futile, corrupt and saturated with fraud, Margaret Thatcher’s former press secretary has said.

Writing in the Yorkshire Post, Sir Bernard Ingham, Thatcher’s longtime trusted press secretary, asked why Britain should cast £12 billion a year down an assorted array of “criminal drains.”

"Europhiles might usefully address themselves not to the question why we should stay in the EU, but why we should ever want to be a member of it at all when the institution is corrupt and so riddled with fraud that the auditors have felt unable to sign off its accounts for nigh on 20 years,” he said.

Alan Greenspan, the venerable former Federal Reserve chairman, speaking to the U.S. Congress in 1999, said,

"Gold still represents the ultimate form of payment in the world. Fiat money, in extremis, is accepted by nobody. Gold is always accepted."

In 2002, in a speech given before the Economic Club of New York, Mr. Greenspan also said,

“As recently as a decade ago central bankers, having witnessed more than a half-century of chronic inflation, appeared to confirm that a fiat currency was inherently subject to excess.”

He confirmed what Aristotle stated 2,500 years ago when he said,

“In effect, there is nothing inherently wrong with fiat money, provided we get perfect authority and god-like intelligence for kings.”

  "Every Congressman, every Senator knows precisely what causes inflation...but won't
repeal the Federal Reserve Act because it could cost him his job."
- Robert A. Heinlein

Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism. - Jullian Assange

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
- George Bernard Shaw

If you would know the value of money, go try to borrow  some; for he that goes a-borrowing goes a-sorrowing.
- Benjamin Franklin

People who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
- Joseph Stalin

Greek Tourism threatened by high prices?

Among the OECD’s 36 member-states in terms of people’s disposable income, Greece ranks 27th , lower than Portugal, Italy and Spain.

Greece remains among the most expensive countries in Europe in dozens of products and services. - Kathimerini 11/23/15

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. 

Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance.

The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to 
whom it properly belongs."  - Thomas Jefferson

Fascism is capitalism in decay. Capitalists are no more capable of self-sacrifice than a man is capable of lifting himself up by his own bootstraps.
Vladimir Lennin

Without Monetary Reform Greece Will Never Be out of Debt

I think Growth = debt. The more people owe the easier it is to control them.

Take away cash money and own them like chip implanted breeding stock. Its for their own good!

They want to take away cash too.

In some utopian future we will all have bar coded forehead tattoos and carry electronic tracking devices that also allow us to communicate and pay monthly fees to do so.

So enough with the unsustainable, and taxed to death, so-called growth.

Which is in reality more like institutionalized debt slavery.

Greece will never be out of debt. Neither will Puerto Rico, Chicago, Detroit, Spain, Italy, France and a whole slew of other places.

Now its definitely time for conservation and reflection.

Slim down government instead of expanding it.

A One World Government may or may not be a good idea but needs to be founded on human dignity and freedom.

And not with ill defined banking and accounting principles in an industry run by criminals too big to fail.

What benefits do we really derive from the Euro currency anyway?

Our imposed debt obligations are unsustainable.

We are taxed using unfair methods and being bamboozled into major tax increases using unjustifiable criteria.

Brand new never before heard of taxes, worse than what the Turks used to impose which are unconstitutional and diabolically freedom threatening.

All to feed a bloated state by the continued exsanguination (blood sucking) of its citizenry.

Greek citizens are being squeezed for juice like characters in a Pirandello play. Or is it a Pasolini movie?

Pinocchio's evil twin is running the country where No means Yes.

Greece is one of the most expensive countries in Europe if you believe what you read.

Then arrive the new taxes on a fixed income. Bad Juju!

It didn't used to be this way in Greece before the euro currency.

Its that simple. What is so great about it for a tax paying citizen?

Nada! Tipota! Rien! Ist kaputt da Kartoffel! Basta!


Historians claim that when Scipio sacked Carthage in 146 BC, he salted the earth to guarantee nothing would ever grow on Carthaginian soil.

To further punish Hannibal’s mighty defense, Rome imposed impossible terms of war indemnity on those they had conquered.

Hannibal’s greatness as a general failed his efforts at political and financial reforms. He ultimately fled into exile. Carthage was reduced to yet another Roman province.


Today, Scipio is the EU, controlling the salt that seasons the global economy: cash.  

In one of history’s most tormented political reversals, Greece — defiant to its last breath and incapable of repaying €400 Billion in loans — capitulated to selling the country’s greatest assets.

All in the futile hope of paying punitive austerity imposed by Teutonic conquerors.

Condemning Greece to a future as a relatively poor, service-driven economy and semi-colonial EU protectorate.

While Alexis Tsipras is no Hannibal and has yet to flee into political obscurity, that too is merely a matter of time.

Don’t believe it? The crown jewel of Greek assets, the very one that could have triggered the development and job creation necessary to attract vital foreign investment, was just sold in what amounts to the ultimate salting of Greece.

The June 7 Memorandum of Understanding announced by Lamda Development of the Hellinikon Park secures nothing transformative or progressive will grow on these most valuable 1482-acres of Greece soil. That MOU, in part, states:

“The basic design includes the upgrading of the beach, residential developments, superregional and local commerce, hotel facilities and recreational areas, utilization of the Olympic facilities and the creation of new sports facilities, a new golf course, venues that highlight cultural heritage, educational facilities and research centers.”

Note how “educational facilities and research centers” are last in a laundry list of prospective development promises. Lamda built The Mall Athens in Maroussi, long considered an illegal and hideous blemish of strategic development.  Lamda Development Senior Management with their private equity, Titan Cement, and Ernst & Young pedigrees, are trained in the art of finance, not business.

There is a difference. Finance is about securing profitable bottom lines.

Today, successful businesses seek to create new markets.

There is nothing innovative or revolutionary about Lamda’s plans. Fifteen years after being shuttered, the massive former Athens airport will be transformed into a playground for the rich, sold at fire sale pricing, creating short-term construction jobs and low-paying service jobs in the long-term.

Not a new economy vision for the future of Greece. Or an optimistic landscape for the country’s massive and desperately unemployed.

Yet, it is being heralded as a huge step forward. The EU is congratulating itself.

economics of the future, the jobs of the future, are not service jobs. They are creative, technical, engineering jobs of the post-capitalist economy.

Driven by automation, bytes not bits, the physics of fusion and renewable energy solutions.

None of those sectors are included in Lamda’s plans.

All the 2010-2014 talk about transforming Helliniko into a high-tech incubator for the Southern Mediterranean has been reduced to luxury shopping, entertainment and residential venues, with green public spaces added to the proposal for good (and much-needed) measure. Affirming Greece will remain a holidaymaker’s paradise. And little more.

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Securing Greece’s place as one of the world’s great tourism destinations makes economic sense. It has long been Greece’s most resilient brand.

 Tourism represents 20% of GDP and one in five jobs.  But they are mostly seasonal service jobs.

If that is Greece’s destiny, let’s be honest about it. Let’s explain to the thousands of well-educated Millennials they’ll have to supplant their degrees in agribusiness, medicine, engineering or the social sciences into careers catering to the present tourism renaissance.

Which is due in part to mounting instability in Egypt and Turkey.

From Dubai to Berlin, friends tell me they’re visiting this year to “help out the poor Greeks.”

 Sure, they’ll leave tourism monies, break a few plates and post breathless selfies at Nammos exclaiming, “This is the BEST Greek salad I’ve ever eaten! #MykonosIsTheRealGreece.” But by September, that shall end. It’s a finger in the proverbial dike.

Alexis Tsipras continues to enjoy vast popularity among the Greek electorate, political blunders and all.

His populist promises speak to Greek’s deeply ingrained leftist sensibilities.

Which no longer make any political or economic sense.  

It is clear that the cronyism of Greece’s political and leadership class is more interested in easy concessions and profits than in engineering a modern economy through enlightened reform strategies.

If they were, the future would include fewer hotels and restaurants and more 21st century enterprises.

So Greeks must stop laying blame everywhere but with themselves. Lamda, after all, is a Greek company, run by Greeks.


Which only adds more salt to Greece’s wounds. - See more at:

According to data released by the General Secretariat of Public Revenues, the hole in revenues from January 1st to November 30th 2015 amounts 11.83 billion euro.

According to Kathimerini, “when this is added to debts from previous years the money the state is owed rises to 83.6 billion euros, of which the Finance Ministry says only 9 billion euros can be collected.”

Greeks, like many other nationalities, like to keep up appearances. But are secretly embarrassed and desperate to be accepted.

They are afraid to be considered backward. I guess they have an inferiority complex. Or have been brainwashed to have one by the media.

All know the current EU and Western systems of so-called democratic government are not really representative but controlled by the international banking cartel. Is that going to end well from a citizens perspective?

Deep inside citizens know that they themselves are ultimately responsible for putting up with the current banking system and so we stay in a sheep and rancher relationship.

By controlling money they control everything.

Have a nice day!